For security and organizing reasons, there is a daily time schedule that must be strictly followed. There will be a buffet like meal at the finishing line and when a transfer is necessary from the finishing line to the camp, this is going to be done as soon as there are racers enough to fill a car. The time schedule may change due to weather and terrain conditions, in that case, racers will be informed so by the race staff. 

The planned schedule is the following:

mongolia trail run meta etapa 6
ARRIVAL DAY - August 02th

DAY 1. This is the recommended day to arrive to Ulaan Bataar in order to go through the technical checking and attend the Mongolia Trail Run 2024 Presentation. If you want to enjoy a little bit more of the city, we recommend arriving a few days before.


DAY 2. We organise the vehicles 4×4 and depart to the Elsen Tasarkhai desert, where the race starts. It is a 5 hours trip with some stops. When arriving to Elsen Tasarkhai we have lunch and in the afternoon we can enjoy visiting a temple or riding on a camel (those who want to do so). We will enjoy the dune’s sunset

STAGE 1 - August 04th

DAY 3. Start of the race. After the finishing line, there is a 2 hours transfer with stops to stare at the landscape, the free animals and visiting the Turkish Empire monument-museum of Prince Kultigen V-VII century. We arrive to Lake Ugii camp just in time to contemplate the sunset over the lake.

STAGE 2 - August 05th

DAY 4. Ffrom Ugii lake to the Ugii village. The Ugii village is in the Orkhon Valley, World Heritage Site. Water streams, animals, traditional way of life and amazing landscapes all along our 2 hours way to Tsetserleg. In Tsetserleg, we will enjoy visits to the Museum and Market.

STAGE 3 - August 06th

DAY 5. From Tsetserleg to Tsenkher hot springs. In this stage there is no vehicle transfer after arriving to the finishing line so that we can have a bath in the hot springs, ask for a massage and also relax and rest to face the more hard stages ahead.

STAGE 4 - August 07th

DAY 6. From Tserkher to the Tsagaan Sumiin Rashaan Valley. At the finishing line we will be offered a traditional nomad barbecue with meat and vegetables right amidst this marvelous valley. Afterwards, a 1 hour vehicle transfer to the tourist camp with a visit to the Tsagaan Sumiin Tuuri monastery.

STAGE 5 - August 08th

Day 7. The Mongolia Trail Run Queen stage. We start a little bit earlier that day with a 30 Km vehicle transfer to the starting line in a nomad winter station. The stage finishes on the outskirts of Kharkhorin, at the tourist camp where we will stay for the night. Visit to the city of Kharkhorin in the afternoon. No vehicle transfer on that day.

STAGE 6 - August 09th

DAY 8. Last stage of the Mongolia Trail Run. This is the shortest stage. The finishing line is in the Karakorum, after going through one of its enormous gates. Afterwards, visit to the temples, souvenirs shops and the city of Kharkhorin. Time to relax and we spent the night at Kharkhorin tourist camp. Dinner and trophy ceremony.


After breakfast we will start our transfer to Ulaanbaatar, arriving at Chinggis Khaan Square at approximately 17h.