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Several airlines fly to Ulaanbaatar. From Europe you can fly via Moscow (Aeroflot / Miat), Turkey (Turkish) or Beijing (Air China). It is normal on busy days for luggage to be delayed by 24 hours. SUBJECT TO THE CONSEQUENCES OF THE RUSSIAN INVASION OF UKRAINE AND ITS EFFECTS ON AIRSPACE.


You can arrive by train from Moscow or Beijing.


Check with the Mongolian consulate in your country for your needs. Generally you will need a PASSPORT with 6 months expiry date (minimum) and a VISA for some nationalities. Visit the Mongolian Consulate website to find out if your country is exempt from visa requirements to enter Mongolia:

Make sure you have an appropriate k2 VISA for your trip according to your passport and travel itinerary:

Visa e-processing
Embassy of Mongolia in Paris, France
Mongolian Embassy in UK
Embassy of Mongolia in USA
Mongolian Embassy in other countries

NOTE SPAIN: The Mongolian consulate in Barcelona closed in 2020, so for Spanish runners it is recommended to process the visa electronically through the link above. It is compulsory to carry all the necessary documentation and that it is in order.

It is the responsibility of each participant/companion to process their documentation.

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Mongolia Trail Run is not only a sporting event of trail running in stages in Mongolia, it is also combined with a parallel programme so that, secondary to the race, you can discover the culture of the country and its people, the Mongolian people. During the trip we introduce visits to temples, museums, ruins, visits to Mongolian families to see their daily life, 4×4 safari-transfers with stops to contemplate landscapes, animals in freedom, tourist visits in Ulan Bator, traditional songs, and even a Mongolian style barbecue so that you can live this trip to 200%. And always accompanied by local English and Spanish speaking guides.